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Hi. I'm Bill Murphy Jr. I run Understandably.... a daily newsletter that reaches 170,000 people every Monday through Friday.My readers enjoy it sometimes when I turn the column over to other writers, sharing their best work and helping them to grow an audience.You can find more details about how this works here. If you'd like to submit something, please fill out the form below.

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Pay & Compensation

Go back to the main submission pageUnderstandably started not long ago as a free Substack newsletter, and it's grown by leaps and bounds.I pay at least something for everything. To make this as attractive as possible, I have two compensation structures. You can choose which one you think works for you.(For writers who have your own newsletter, you'll also likely get new signups as a result of publishing on Understandably, too.)The first option is 'flat fee.'It's pretty easy:>> If your submission has previously been published elsewhere, the basic flat fee is $50. Occasionally higher if we absolutely love it.(Go through your clips and your portfolio. If it's fantastic and you still have the rights, we'd like to see it.)>> For original work that hasn't been published elsewhere, we pay at least $50, and sometimes up to $200 for really good work.>> It's rare, but possible, that we'll offer significantly more -- up to $1,000+ -- for wonderful work that we think would really benefit the newsletter.The second option is 'base plus bonus.'This is optional, but for the right writers, it could be a lot more lucrative. In short, you have the option to accept a smaller base fee, plus a commission, based on how the audience reacts to your writing (and how the newsletter grows as a result).We start with the smaller base: basically half of what you'd be paid on the flat-fee route alone. So, $25 for a previously published piece; up to $100+ or so for good original work.Then, you get a bonus calculated as follows:>>$.07 for each new free legitimate newsletter subscriber who signs up as a result of your work.>>$.05 for each "like" or "comment" on your work.>>50% of the 30-day net proceeds from all new paid newsletter subscribers as a result of your work.What does this work out to? From a low of just a few dollars, to a high of close to $500 or $1,000 or more.It really depends on whether you want to include sharing and promoting your work as part of your job.Bottom lineI want you to choose whichever model works best for you. Happy to discuss options, once we see your submission.Go back to the main submission page